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Hitting The Big Time

Having finally outrun the snow and rain in my race north through Patagonia I could again enjoy the simplicity of cycling and camping. I reached a trio of significant milestones: 20,000 miles cycled, £30,000 raised for the amazing charity War Child and two years on the road. Naturally this got me thinking about my journey.
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El Gringo

There are many explanations for the origins of the word gringo which is loosely applied to all foreigners in South America. One version is that when the US invaded Mexico wearing green uniforms the Mexicans would shout ‘green go’.  Regardless of its roots the term certainly applies to me.  Once again I am a stranger in a strange land. Only now I am completely alone as Andy returned to London after pedalling into Sydney. I know just one person on this continent; an old friend who lives in Cartagena, Colombia. Cold comfort as that is 15,000km away, the end point of my ride in South America.
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The Bald Eagle

I have spent several weeks deliberating over this idea and have finally come to the conclusion that I will just put it out there…what’s the worst that could happen? Andy and I are still determined to reach our fundraising target of £50,000 for War Child. So here goes…
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Beautiful Borneo & Crazy KL

Andy and I huddled under a rock as the storm raged. Lightning illuminated the sky and a deep rumbling thunder sounded close by. Our fire, along with our morale was extinguished. We were sleeping rough on Kruin beach in Bako national park on Borneo. Our decision to camp with no tent in a region endemic to crocodiles resulted in a poor night’s sleep. Despite the insomnia and discomfort I revelled in the sense of adventure.
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The Full Bogan

On September the 20th we will arrive in Perth and begin the final 3000

miles to Sydney where this great adventure will end.
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The Visa Black Hole

On our return to Tehran we were beset by visa trouble. With a list of unattractive options we set about doing all that we could to prevent getting a bus or worse still a plane.

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