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Bosnia and Blatina

After our stay in the tourist spots of Croatia, we were very keen to move on to somewhere less geared towards milking our wallets. This somewhere was Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the birthplace of War Child it would be one of the most significant places we would visit…

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Seduced by Slovenia

Our escape route from Austria into Slovenia was the Loibl Pass. This is a one mile tunnel that has been carved into Karavanke chain of the Southern Limestone Alps 1,067 meters above sea level. Our Austrian adventure finished with us climbing this steep pass in a race against the clock. We needed to make it up before darkness fell and left us stranded for the night but this mighty opponent was not going to let us go without a fight.
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Golden Showers and Playing Away

Walking into the Carrefour supermarket I was discombobulated by the excess of choice. Over the previous week we had been adapting to the spartan lifestyle of cycle touring which tends to be no frills traveling. Living in a tent, eating simple food and keeping a bare minimum of possessions. I had started to embrace the simplicity of it, not being a slave to a mobile phone, not being bombarded by marketing and relatively low stress. Wandering around those supermarket aisles they seemed to go on longer than even the biggest climbs we had faced. After regaining my composure I bought the cheese, bread, avocado and tomatoes I came in for and left to enjoy a ‘royale with cheese’.
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The Ranch Fundraiser

The day started rather inauspiciously when one of the marques was swept up by the howling wind; firstly blowing onto the giant bouncy castle (with kids quivering inside!) and then managing to hook itself over the telephone wire. After a moment of sheer bewilderment my brain kicked in and whilst most people were wrestling the marque to prevent further damage Andy sat with a big grin taking pictures of the events unfolding. I got hold of a step ladder and managed to free the leg hooked over the phone line enabling us to return the ‘big tent’ to its original position but this time with the sides safely folded up to prevent it taking off again. Crisis averted.
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Coronaries and Aneurysms

I can see from the countdown above we have 50 days left to go before Matt and I abscond from normality (arguably Matt has never really reached the pinnacle of ‘normal’) , this may seem like a while to go to some of you, to me it seems hellishly little time for us to complete our seemingly unending task list. Still outstanding are: Read the rest of this entry »

At the Frontline with War Child

As if our resolve to do some good by supporting War Child on our way to Sydney wasn’t already strong enough then it was surely re-enforced by our recent trip to the Frontline Club as ambassadors for War Child. The event grouped together supporters of War Child over some drinks in order to network and be inspired by each other’s stories Read the rest of this entry »