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Yin Yang

Chengdu held my heart in a headlock. I loved the city; the people, the parks, the atmosphere set my pulse racing. It was a buzz similar to what I feel for London. It was tough to leave.

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The Steppes of language learning

Someone once said

Man’s greatest step is between the warm bed and the cold floor

We’ve bastardised this to

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Monkey Magic

Almost forgotten, buried in sand and myth, the southern Silk Road route through the Taklamakan desert was the path we decided to take from Kashgar. Although less popular the way did host a few ‘stars of the Silk Road’. Marco Polo used this route on his epic adventures to the court of Gengis Khan. It was also used by the famous Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, returning to the court of Emporer Taizong with Buddhist scrolls from India. His tale was the basis for the amazing TV series Monkey

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Year Of The Dragon

Kyrgyzstan had been the focus of my fear for a long time. Our ill timed winter crossing of the mountainous country had been playing on my mind since we decided to change our route back in Greece. What I had failed to give any prior though to was China. As we crossed the border at Irkeshtam, saw that famous red flag and every sign turned into an illegible yet exotic and alluring script I got a rush of excitement about what lay ahead.

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Kyrgyzstan, Oh my Osh!

Kyrgyzstan was considerably easier to enter than the other ‘stans. But much more difficult to traverse. We’d cross four tough mountain passes* before arriving in Kashgar, China. With the risk of avalanche, dangerous drivers and hungry wolves I was beginning to question the wisdom of our decision to attempt a crossing in winter.

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Deported From Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan is one of only two doubly landlocked countries in the world – a landlocked country surrounded by landlocked countries (the other is Lichtenstein). Yet somehow we managed to land ourselves in hot water there. Throughout the trip we have managed to evade scrapes with the law but this time it was serious.

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