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Welcome to Iran

Approaching the heavily fortified border crossing we caught sight of a sign proclaiming “Welcome To Iran” adorned with pictures of the Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamanie. We were left wondering if we would be welcomed given the recent looting of the British embassy in Tehran and the burning of the Union Jack. Iran was the country we had been most excited about for the whole trip but now we were nervous about how we would be received given that diplomatic relations between Britain and Iran were at their lowest point ever and tensions were running high. We took a deep breath and crossed the border…
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Snow Riding

On the way out of Kayseri we spotted an M&S. İn a rare moment of genius İ suggested we stop and see if they had some thermals to keep our crown jewels warm during the impending winter. Half an hour later and weighted by an additional pair of sexy long johns we peddled off smiling. These have already proved to be a wise, if not fashionable investment.
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Turkısh Delight

Having spent several days climbing mountains we savoured rolling almost 2,000 meters down to Antalya at sea level. We were both feeling tired and looking forward to a rest. We were also excited at the prospect of meeting Caner & Perwer (friends of friends). This gave us our first taste of incredible Turkish hospitality.

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Bosnia and Blatina

After our stay in the tourist spots of Croatia, we were very keen to move on to somewhere less geared towards milking our wallets. This somewhere was Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the birthplace of War Child it would be one of the most significant places we would visit…

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Seduced by Slovenia

Our escape route from Austria into Slovenia was the Loibl Pass. This is a one mile tunnel that has been carved into Karavanke chain of the Southern Limestone Alps 1,067 meters above sea level. Our Austrian adventure finished with us climbing this steep pass in a race against the clock. We needed to make it up before darkness fell and left us stranded for the night but this mighty opponent was not going to let us go without a fight.
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The Mighty Austrian Alps

As we crossed into Austria from Germany we were boxed in by mountains whilst we snaked along the valley floor. Everywhere we turned was a postcard view and the peaks of the jagged mountains looked imperious as well as
ominous. We found a restaurant who were happy for us to camp in their garden all we had to do was buy a couple of beers. Sold. In the middle of the night I got up and as I looked up the whole sky was lit up with stars. I swear they looked more vivid and bright than I had ever seen before.
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