At the Frontline with War Child

Frontline Club

As if our resolve to do some good by supporting War Child on our way to Sydney wasn’t already strong enough then it was surely re-enforced by our recent trip to the Frontline Club as ambassadors for War Child. The event grouped together supporters of War Child over some drinks in order to network and be inspired by each other’s stories

The event was compared by Ben Knowles the music director for the charity, compare isn’t really the right word given the laid back vibe of the evening. The first speaker and biggest draw (sorry Mark) was Ed Vulliamy the award winning Observer and Guardian journalist who first got involved with War Child during their conception during the Bonian war of the mid 90s.

Ed looked at first glance as if he should have been playing bass with the Stones rather than writing harrowing accounts of the human cost of war, with his leather waistcoat  and cowboy boots he was jovial and affable and delivered his talk with such panache that to attempt to emulate it here would be like trying to grasp a bar of soap whist soaking in a bath of lard…

Though his  mastery of the English language is beyond me, his mesage was not. That is that War Child, at its very beginning, recognised that these victims of war were like us and that they deserved to be treated as such and given, above all, hope.

Next up Mark Waddington, War Child’s CEO, stepped up to the plate to thank us all for our support and remind us all that all our sponsorship money does not go on fancy SUVs but on projects that help those in need actually live some sort of life…though he did mention a battered and uncomfortable Land Rover…

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