The Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

I have spent several weeks deliberating over this idea and have finally come to the conclusion that I will just put it out there…what’s the worst that could happen? Andy and I are still determined to reach our fundraising target of £50,000 for War Child. So here goes…

In trying to come up with a suitable successor to The Full Bogan Andy casually suggested I do the complete opposite. Which hair cut is South America famous for? The ‘Brazilian‘! Rather than grow my hair I am offering to wax it for a suitable wedge of cash.  Further more (never one to shirk a challenge) I am willing to remove all hair from my body. Shave my head, eyebrows, legs…the full monty, and post video/photos so you can all laugh at me. What you have to remember is that I am risking being shunned by locals and tourists alike who will fear I have some nasty venereal desiese.

Just in case cycling round the world and the removal of every hair from my body is not enough to prompt you into a donation I am willing to do this on my birthday. So here’s the challenge:

– Hit £30,000 total donations for War Child by 26th May
– If you donate just add the caption ‘Bald Eagle’

£3,000 is the required amount in 3 months. That means 150 kind souls (!) donating £20 each. Since both Andy and I are still trying raise funds I suggest if there is enough public demand we could get Andy to join me in waxing for War Child. Speak up people, make your feeling known (please don’t make me suffer this alone!)!

What do you say? Going to rise to the challenge? If you think it’s a good idea share it, retweet it or put a poster up at work. Please give me the birthday present I really want but remember no wonga no wax!

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