The Full Bogan

The Full Bogan

On September the 20th we will arrive in Perth and begin the final 3000

miles to Sydney where this great adventure will end.

To celebrate our arrival and to blend in with the locals we would like
to style our hair into that Australian favourite – the mullet. To
complete the look – we’re calling it ‘the full bogan‘ – we’ll also
grow some handlebar mustaches and wear vest tops. It’ll be a hot look.

But, here’s the thing, while we’re used to looking stupid we’d really
like it this time if we could do so with a purpose. So we challenge
YOU to raise £1000 between now and September 20th for our war child
campaign (taking our total to £21’091). If you can do this then and only then, we will cycle from Perth sporting the bogan look.

Simply visit and include the phrase
‘the full bogan’ with your donation.

Only 50 people need to donate 20 each for this dream to come true.
Share it, retweet it (#thefullbogan) put a poster up at your place of
work for it. We dare you.

Thanks and good luck!

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  1. John Robertson says:

    We’ll give it a go chaps, although I have to say that the look is an improvement on some of your recent photographs!

  2. […] trying to come up with a suitable successor to The Full Bogan Andy casually suggested I do the complete opposite. Which hair cut is South America famous for? […]

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