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War Child

Andy and I went to meet the folks at War Child (War Child Website) on Friday, we had a great meeting and got lots of help and advice from them (thanks Charlotte & Katherine!). It has dawned on me that we have not written a lot about the charity or why we chose to support it and so I felt this would be a great time to do so.

War Child is a small international charity that that helps children living in war zones. They currently work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda & D.R. Congo the work they do includes getting children in these countries off the streets, reintegrating former child soldiers back into society and where possible back to their families and providing children affected by war with the help they need to rebuild their lives.

I am certain everybody would agree this is an incredibly worthwhile cause and whilst all charities are good I personally cant help feeling that some stand out as exceptional – War Child definitely falls under the latter for me. I believe it is a fundamental right for all children to have a childhood, this then allows them at least some opportunity to make decisions about what direction their life should follow. The children that War Child work with have not been given that right to choose but War Child gives them the chance to build the life they want and so help to break the vicious cycle of war.

It was Andy who first made me aware of the charity, he ran an ultra marathon (55 miles in one day….nutter!) for them a couple of years ago. Early in the planning of this trip we spoke about what cause we wanted to support as it was really important part of  the expedition for both of us. Andy was adamant that he wanted to raise money and awareness for War Child but as I did not have a strong understanding of the work the charity does I wanted to find out a little more. I am now extremely glad we chose to support them and sincerely hope we will raise a lot of money to help the work they do.

We asked about the possibility of going to see the work they do on the ground in either Iraq or Afghanistan but unfortunately our presence would only increase the danger of those who work for the charity. We are still hoping to be able to go and see a project they used to run in a different country. For me it would add much motivation to see first hand how the money we raise will help and on the days during our cycle when we might be feeling down it would very quickly put into perspective our own difficulties.

I would ask you all to take 10 minutes to look at the War Child website (link at the top) but in this ultra busy world we live in I know you might not have the time so if nothing else please simply watch this short 4 min video which will go a long way to explaining the work that they do: War Child Video and if you like that one you will be able to see more as that link takes you to the War Child You Tube channel.

I hope that understanding more about what War Child do will encourage you to be generous when sponsoring us and maybe even raise some money for them yourself. I hope that this charity resounds as much with you as it does with me.