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Andy’s LEJOG Summary pt III

I awoke alone in my B&B on day 6 feeling a little guilty, last night I’d eaten a whole 400g bar of chocolate in a quest for nourishment (it had nuts in OK!). Oh, and there was leaving Matt at the mercy of the sheep as well. Despite the binging and consuming near to 6000 calories per day I was beginning to look less rotund and the tight fitting cycle top I occasionally donned was looking a lot nicer on me even though Matt commented that he did miss my moob cleavage… Read the rest of this entry »

Andy’s LEJOG Summary Part II

In the last post we discussed the hell hole that is Morton on Lugg…Here is the continued tale of our exploits on the recent cycle tour to John O’Groats…enjoy!

Day four started in much the same way as day 3 finished, with a lovely cold Chinese takeaway (or at least an English chef’s interpretation of¬†Chinese¬†cuisine, I can’t say that it was authentic but the boiled potatoes and turnips in the special fried rice was a nice touch) Read the rest of this entry »

Andy’s LEJOG Summary Part 1

The start of our cycle expedition from Land's End

Terrible weather at the start of our LEJOG cycle tour

Ahhh how nice it is to be seated and not have to squirm about on a saddle to find the optimal position from which your ball sack ceases to ache….I jest of course, there is no optimal position from which your balls will not ache when cycling 100 miles per day. This is one of many interesting facts that Matt and I have learnt on our LEJOG trek, some of them are not completely related to our groinal regions, but most are. If you are of a sensitive disposition or my Mum, please flick back to Facebook and ignore this post…. Read the rest of this entry »